Enneagram Teacher, Writer, Spiritual Director



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David Stamile completed a three-year Apprentice Program through Suzanne Stabile’s Life in the Trinity Ministries and holds a Masters of Divinity from Baylor University. David's training has equipped him to highlight the nature of the Enneagram as a spiritual tool in the Christian tradition. He is also a certified spiritual director in addition to his work as a hospice chaplain and lecturer on Death and Dying at Baylor University. David publishes his musings on the Enneagram and the spiritual life here. He uses the Enneagram daily to grow in his relationships with his wife Erin and their son Benjamin.


What is the enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual tool rooted in the seven deadly sins of ancient Christianity. It identifies nine basic personality types, and describes how these types are expressed within our own life and in our relationships. This personality type develops as we try to get by in the world. The Enneagram helps us take an authentic look at our lives and calling; it helps us in our habitual struggle with sin and helps us rediscover our true identity hidden in God.

Keep reading and let’s talk more about personality, Christian Spirituality and the Enneagram.